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Our system makes it possible for real hackers to join and after passing a hacking test and being certified example as a facebook hacker, users can then submit a hacking request to this hacker and after a successful hacking verified by the user he can then send a paypal payment directly to that hacking. The price per a successful hacking ranges from $25 -$50 -$100 . All you need to start with your hacking request is your targets email address or profile link. After submitting, any certified hacker in our system that is able to hack your request will submit the login info to us for approval and if it works we will confirm with you to check and once proven you will then be able to directly send PAYPAL payment to that hacker directly.


Once you register for a free account on our system, you will automatically receive unique phishing links in your account for facebook, gmail, yahoo, aol and twitter. You can then use this phishing links to hack your target users your self. This is free however you will need to have a valid activated account to view phished passwords.


Phishing basically is when you create a fake login page that looks examplle like the facebook website but when the user logs into his or her facebook account from that phishing link their login info is captured and saved for you in your syste for retrieval. In other to get your target to login to his facebook account using your phishing link you can use any of the methods listed below


If you have an access to your target's computer , all you need to do is open your facebook phishing link in his computer browser and more than likely when the target gets behind his computer he will liekly login from your phishing page without thinking twice since it looks EXACTLY like the real facebook page. As soon as he does his password info will be saved on our system and you can login to our system to see this passord



If you do not have access to your target's computer, you can still phish your target by sending out a phishing email directly from our system if you know your targets email address or facebook profile. In this case our system will send your target an email message that will require him to login to facebook from your link. If your target falls for it then his password will then be stored for you to retrieve.


You can download and use our software and you will be able to get Bitly links automatically generated to mask your phishing links. Using the software also makes your phishing email sending easier to send and more likely to pass all spam filters. We recommend using the software instead of online version for phishing since our online version uses the same IP for all our users which cuts down the email delivery to your target's inbox since its more likely to be flagged as a spam email.


“These guys are simply awesome. I 've been able to use their phishing links to get access to my childrens facebook account for monitoring!”

said Jason Hutch of

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