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Find listed below some of our frequently asked questions .

Can You Hack For Me ?

YES, we have a large community of hackers and all you have to do is submit a request for the hacking to be done for you.You only pay the hacker directly through paypal when he completes and sends you the hacked account info

Do I need to download or Install anything ?

NO need to download our software, we created our system to work both online on our cloud servers and as the software version is optional and you will never have to download and install anything. You just register and create your account and start.

Will the person know he is hacked ?

NO, the user will never know his account is hacked of phished as long as you do not use the hacked account to send or receive emails or message his/her facebook friends etc. The purpose of hacking the user is to just login and read and monitor without doing anything else.

Is this really free to Join ?

YES, and the process takes only few seconds. So go ahead and create your free account and start phishing right away.However you will need to activate your account which was just implemented to prevent spammers from abusing out system

Why did you guys decide to create this hacking/phishing system ?

The only reason we created this system is to allow parents to monitor their kids activities online in other to protect them . Example if someone creepy is trying to meet your children offline you can intervene and make sure your kids and love ones are always safe online.

Can I hack a cell phone and see all texts and record conversations

YES, but you will need to go to a different website to do that. To hack any mobile phone and read texts and record all messages GO HERE 

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“These guys are simply awesome. I 've been able to use their phishing links to get access to my childrens facebook account for monitoring!”

said Jason Hutch of

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